We believe in a smarter way to build

A more reliable and cost effective approach to connect clients with quality, affordable builders.

Our vision

At RenoBrokers, we believe in a better way to find and select builders. A more reliable and cost effective method to connect clients with quality, affordable builders.

We have over 50 combined years experience in the building industry and some of our brokerage team were qualified, experienced builders. We are independent brokers who work exclusively for our clients.

We have a wide network of contacts and know which builders can be relied upon to deliver quality work, know what pitfalls to look out for, know what labour and materials should cost, create healthy competition and ultimately negotiate with builders on our clients behalf.

Builders also prefer working with us, because they know we qualify our clients, gather all the necessary requirements and documents, have considered items their direct customers may not have and help manage both client and builder expectations and relationship. The end result is saving time, risk and cost for both client and builder.

You may have used a broker for buying or selling a home, getting a mortgage or choosing insurance. Building a home and navigating the process from beginning to end is arguably more complex. So why not save time, risk and cost. Build the smarter way.

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Save money with no obligation

We create competition between builders and negotiate at no additional cost to you, our fees are built into the quotes. Try us out with no obligation to proceed.

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Save time and effort

We do all the legwork to review your requirements, shortlist builders, check availability, relay your project, work through the details and negotiate costs.

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Minimise risk and costly mistakes

We’ve all heard of building horror stories, and unfortunately this can be the reality for some. We only recommend licensed builders we've had a consitent positive experience with. Don't risk getting it wrong.

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We use licensed contractors you can trust

We regularly review licenses, check for current validity and monitor compliance for any public warnings & insurance claims.


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