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New Home Build

  • Average Cost

    $360,000 - $630,000*

  • Average Sqm


  • Average Cost / Sqm

    $2,000 - $3,500*

  • Typical Contractors

    Surveyor, Building certifier, Licensed builder

  • Typical Trades

    Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber and drainer, Gasfitter, Concretor, Bricklayer, Waterproofer, Plasterer, Roofer, Tiler, Floor sander, Painter

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A new home build with a company that specialises in building homes on scale (also referred to as a project or kit home builder) can be a cost-effective option, and if done right can give a great result, with less time and hassle.

New home builds typically have standard floorplans, inclusions and limited variations to choose from. They often have the convenience of viewing existing projects via a display village allowing an opportunity to compare layouts, quality and finishes.

A new home build will require a vacant block of land or demolishing an existing house, it also will require a relatively level block with minimum land size dimensions. Alternatively one may consider a Custom Home Build.

New home builds are typically cheaper than doing a custom home because the cost of initial design work is spread across multiple customers, the cost of materials and contractors is reduced due to scale and premium finishes are excluded.

As the price of land increases more people are maximising on their investment by doing a new home build. Costs will depend on multiple factors, but can range from $2,000 to $3,500* per square meter. An average new build will cost between $360,000 and $630,000*.

Reasons for a custom home build can include:

  1. Standard, level and wide block of land
  2. Looking for cost-effective home build
  3. Increasing the resale value of your home
  4. Minimising risk and effort
  5. Content with standard options and inclusions
  6. Lowering maintenance
  7. Adding curbside appeal

Factors that affect costs

Costs for a custom home build will depend on factors such as:

  • Choosing standard options and limiting variations
  • Single or double storey
  • Land level and dimensions
  • Site access and conditions

What to consider

When tackling a new home build items to consider are:

  • Goals, budget and time frame
  • Council approval and regulations
  • Floor plan options
  • Aspect and natural lighting
  • Standard inclusions and upgrades
  • External finishes
  • Internal finishes
  • Privacy and neighbours

We can help you define your requirements, shortlist and negotiate with contractors and monitor the project till successful completion.


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