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Service related

We build our costs into the quotes you receive from our shortlisted contractors and builders. We have worked with them over many years and continually refer them work, which in turn they continue to provide competitive quotes and savings which we pass on to our clients.

We do all the legwork to shortlist, check availability, relay your project, work through the details and negotiate costs. We also help define your requirements, guide you through the process, share our experience and monitor the project to completion.

Using a building broker like us will almost always save you money. This is because we have shortlisted affordable quality builders, work through scope to minimise variations, follow market rates and create competition between builders to get you the best price. See How we can help to find out more.
We shortlist contractors and builders based on your requirements, one of which is your estimated start date. With many trades on our books we can almost always find a suitable contractor to commence on or soon after you are ready to start.

There are many ways to find contractors or builders these days. Doing a web search, via social media, online service directories or old fashioned word of mouth referrals.

The process can be hit and miss, time consuming to review licenses, check qualifications and experience, find suitable availability and to negotiate rates. It can be even harder if you have limited experience with construction projects, and not sure what questions to ask or what to look out for.

Let us find the right contractors and builders for your project at great rates.

A valid question that we are not always asked, but understand that it can be a thought in the back of ones mind. Put simply, our business growth is dependant on word of mouth and successfully delivering value. The more we find the right builders for your project at great rates, the more growth we will experience. Not to add it feels good to see happy clients, it's why we started the business.
Request a Call and we'll reach back out with details of our previous work and case studies. In the meantime please see a few of our testimonials on our homepage.

As much or little as you would like. Some clients are happy with the shortlist and negotiations, after which they deal directly with the contractor. Other clients like us to be involved during the process and help sign-off the project. There is no additional charge for this service.

Regardless we are continually in touch with the contractors or builders to ensure there's no roadblocks or issues.

Yes, any work is covered by warranty provided by the relevant contractor or builder. If there are ever any issues or disputes between different contractors we can help work them through for all parties.
We work with builders who can work on all types of renovations from bathrooms, kitchens, laundry and much more. Our builders can work on all types of constructions including second storey extensions, custom and new home builds.
It depends on a few factors such as your needs, budget and time frame and at what stage in the project you come to see us. If you already have detailed plans and simply need us to shortlist and negotiate contractors and builders, we can typically have some options within a few business days, and ready to commence within 4-8 weeks time.
We can offer brokerage for projects from $10k, however most projects we broker for are over $50k+. The real value for using a broker comes for larger or slightly complex projects where we can help find the right contractors and builders at great rates.

We can assist you at any point in the process, even if you are only considering a project and seeking ball park estimates. Of course the real value we provide is after a site visit and plans, so that our builders can accurately quote.

We are always happy to provide advice and guide you through the process with no obligation, it helps us demonstrate our experience and build your trust.

There is no obligation to proceed. Sourcing builders and getting our client's the best quotes is what we do everyday. It helps us refine our process, demonstrate our value and build trust. If that results in you joining our happy clients then great. If it doesn't, you may consider us in the future or even let a friend know. We're confident in the value we offer and removing the obligation allows us to showcase this.

Certainly. The Development Application process can be confusing and overwhelming, and every council has their own rules and process. We have helped many clients navigate this to get their development applications (DA) successfully approved.

We can also help with Construction Certificates (CC), appointing a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) to monitor construction and Occupational Certificates (OC) post build.

The majority of our role as brokers is meeting with clients, visiting sites and meeting with contractors and builders, leaving little time in a dedicated office. This also helps us reduce costs and overheads which are ultimately passed on to you.

We are always happy to come to you, visit on site or meet via phone or web conference, and available when you need.

Builder related

We have worked with hundreds of builders and contractors over the years and narrowed down to around two dozen that we have consistently experienced affordable pricing, quality and successful completion.

We have a rigorous process for builders to join and maintain membership within our panel, including regular license and credential reviews and post-build quality checklists. We periodically invite new builders to join our panel.

Absolutely. After the initial shortlisting and introduction, we encourage our clients to work directly with the contractors or builders, as they will ultimately be the ones you will have the ongoing relationship with. All our contractors and builders will be happy to provide referrals of previous happy customers.

We only work with fully licensed and certified contractors. We regularly review licenses, check for current validity and monitor compliance for any public warnings & insurance claims. We also ensure all contractors have valid compensation cover for residential building work carried out.

We can provide you our checks, or you can do this yourself as most of the information is available in the public domain.

We are in no way affiliated with any of our shortlisted contractors or builders. They are all independant businesses who get work from their own channels and may also work with other brokers. We favour the ones that have consistent quality, specialise in your project and have competitive rates, we work for you.
Absolutely. After the initial shortlisting and introduction, we encourage our clients to communicate directly with the builders, as they will ultimately be the ones you will have the ongoing relationship with. All our builders will be happy to provide referrals of previous happy customers.
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